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The R.S.A.T.-team
has verry talanted and experienced instructors and doctors. These are regulary expanding their knowledge thru education with people in the industrialsecurity bussiness from all over the world. The team has educated the swedish coastguard, rescueservice and police authoroties from different parts of the country and other countries. Ambulancepersonal, doctors, nurses, bankingpersonal, lawyers, environmental and local authoroties, road carriers, industrial securitypersonal, sanitationcompanies, securityfirms, insurancecompanies etc.

The R.S.A.T.-team educates in topics like emergency treatment in different steps; Emergency treatment in connection to gas or chemicals, emergency treatment in connection to high voltages, HLR-rescue, fireknowledge in different steps, RESTVÄRDESSKYDD and sanitation. Sanitation from asbestos, chemical hazards, information about explosive substances, firearms and knowledge thereabout, SPECIALSPRÄNGNING, personal protection, personal security, companysecurity, VIP-protection and VIP-securtiy etc.

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