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Since 1976, Bostrom's entire operation has been connected to SOS AB (Swedish equivalentof 911), in Uppsala and Vasteras, with our own emergency telephone number and communications system. This means that Bostrom's has access to the most modern emergency dispatch centers located all over the country, and thereby the best technology, both nationally and internationally. By being connected to SOS AB and the various SOS-dispatch centers we can quickly retrieve the same information, and through close cooperation, reallocate information and resources around the country. SOS AB takes care of all alarms from Bostrom's customers.They register, and dispatch alarms as well as maintain a constant communication with Bostrom's personnel and management. SOS AB in Uppsala also supervises our foreign assignments outside of normal working hours. The emergency dispatch centers are manned by experienced emergency dispatchers who have a great deal of experience in speaking to, and helping people in emergency situations, requiring some form of help or assistance. All information to the emergency dispatch centers is documented and saved for different lengths of time. Emergency dispatch centens also receive, register, and pass on different types of automatic alarms. All alarms which are connected to emergency dispatch centers, must also be conected to a "problem manager", who is the professional physically responding to the alarm and taking the necessary steps to resolve the situation. Bostrom's is a well-renowned "problem manager" or " troubleshooter" that for many years has a well developed preparedness and a large network of contacts. We are on duty night and day - all year round and have our own duty personnel and managers who travel to the site, taking the necessary measures to resolve a situation or making important decisions.

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