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Water pollution
Water, above all clean drinking water, is probably one of the most valuable ankoriolja.jpg (24261 bytes)assets modern man has today. Environmental damage, large or small, is always a threat to our water and we have to have preparedness for this. Remember that it only takes 1 centiliter of diesel oil to taint 1 million liters (in the US: 0.3 fl.oz. to 265,000 gallons) of clorine treated water! Bostrom's has for many years portable water purifiens that can quickly be placed at an accident site, clean the polluted water and release the purified water in a recirculation process. This, in combination with our experienced specialists, means that we can quickly access the risks and evaluate the damage site, in order to quickly implement countermeasures against enviromental damage.

We blast facades, buildings, constructions, installations, cisterns, containers, boats, docks, poles, towers etc with our highly mobile blasting units. We blast after fire, soot, paint, glue, rust, concrete waste and much more.

Removal of grafitti
Cleaning up grafitti and protection of buildings and objects from grafitti is an art today, considering the many different types of surfaces. This service is founded on long experience and a feel for the task. We have cleaned grafitti for many years and have built up excellent routines for this type of work

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