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Boströms R.S.A.T. was established in 1968, but through the years has become known as just, Bostrom's. Bostrom's has been active in the fields of damage control, rescue, diving, safety, protection, education, consulting and salvage for many years, and has gathered an expertise equaled by few in the country. The company is located in the cities of Uppsala and Vasteras in Sweden, but operates all over the country as well as abroad. Our business is, although it is somewhat drastically put, to "live off of other peoples misfortunes".

Boströms works as kind of a complement to the public services, where it often get's loose between "the one who get's hurt" and different local or governmental instances or different insuranceompanies who all work different. We allso assist the public service in wich case it needs help or assistance.


Main office
P.O. Box 188, S-751 04
Uppsala, Sweden
Phone 46-18-139060
Fax 46-18-694163
E-mail: Rescue@bostroms.se

24-hours alarmcentral
Phone 46-18-155155
Local office
P.O. Box 20004, 72020 Västerås
Phone 46-21-144056-57
Fax 46-21-144029

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