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Boströms Customers
Boströms customers varies from the national rescueservice, police authoroties, insurance companies, local authoroties, powercompanies, farms, slaughterhouses, refinerys, realestatecompanies, industries, the Swedish armed forces, construction companies, the coustguard, airports, seaports, mines, transportation companies, terminals, shipping companies to private persons and small companies all over the country.

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Bostrom's specialty is assisting different rescue teams, police departments, insurance companies, the Swedish Armed Forces, townships, counties, and industries throughout Sweden. Bostrom's customers include rescue services, police departments, insurance companies, townships and counties, power companies, farms and meatpacking plants, refineries, realty companies, industries, the Swedish Armed Forces, construction companies, shipping agents, the Swedish Coast Guard, airports, flying clubs, ports, mines, bucking companies, terminals, steamship companies and private persons and companies throughout the entire country of Sweden. We function as of a complement to the public sector, where there often is a gap between "the one who is in trouble" and various municipal and public authorities or different insurance companies, who all operate differently. We also assist the public sector, in cases where they require assistance. We perform special tasks such as diving, demolition, and shooting gas cylinders, and/or dangerous chemical containers. We provide assistance with special tools, materials and special competence. We appraise risks or environmental damage. We take care of cargo from rail or air accidents. We assist on so-called "special rescue missions" in for example: caves, caverns, pipes, tunnels, shafts, crevasses, mines, oilfilled or empty underground cavities, etc. We assist with special equipment end materials for securing dangerous areas of explosion and special rescue equipment for difficult spaces, etc. We help with the destruction or immobilisation of animals. We assist at oil or chemical damage. We "take over the damage site" after the rescue services when the acute emergency situation is over. We assist the rescue services at large fires or special accidents with our special competence and/or special equipment etc. We help with various types of cleanup, transportation, loan of equipment education. We assist in the salvage of buildings, personal effects, vehicles, boats, lakes or streams etc. after fires, accidents, environmental damage, explosions, leaks etc. We provide 24-hour property and damage service for realty companies and their tenants and represent the property owners in different damage situations. We assist industries when they have problems with production breakdown and stoppage, maintainence repairs, accidents, fire, explosions, leaks, overflow, slides, etc. We take care of "hazardous waste" and "unknown waste". We provide education in emergency health care etc. We assist the Swedish Coast Guard with ice demolition. We have also assisted this agency with comprehensive education for many years in the areas of emergency health care, salvage diving, chemical management, firefighting, risk and damage evaluation etc. The Swedish Armed Forces we have assisted with decontamination and cleaning up after fuel overflows, leaks, fire damage and explosions. We have also salvaged military equipment, vehicles, airplanes, target systems and weapons in addition to demolition and clean-up after accidents. Environmental damage assessments, ground and water analyses and investigations are other examples. We perform diving and UV-contracts as well as having a 24-hour preparedness and damage control for property, installations and constructions. Gasoline and oil companies we assist in the tracing and decontamination of overflows and leaks and work in underground caverns and cisterns. Churches and congregations we help with safety plans, education, clean-up, treasure hunting etc. We assist hospitals with decontamination, damage repair and education. Flying and boating clubs need help with different salvage projects, safety preparedness at public functions etc. Construction companies we help with special demolition after fires, explosions, landslides, chemicals leaks or overflows etc. We provide rental of safety equipment and do inventory of and/or dismantling of asbestos. For private persons the scope and degree of assistance needed varies a great deal. From help with the garden, shoveling snow, sanding, cutting the grass, serving meals, picking up people at the airport, transportation of people or objects, being a travelling companion, body guard or general assistant. The only limit here is the imagination.

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