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Bostromís R.S.A.T.

R = Rescue
S = Salvage
A = Advice
T = Training
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Boström's R.S.A.T. team is the company's special unit for dangerous, risky, un usual and special missions it is a special team that is available day and night, all year round, with their own rescue vehicles, helicopters, airplanes or speedy rescue boats for missions whithin the country or abroad.

The R.S.A.T. team works for public authorities, police, rescue services the Swedish Armed Forces, insurance companies, refineries, municipalities, counties, the state government, industries and power companies etc with quick assistance in different emergency situations or whith preventive measures.

The R.S.A.T. Team works as a complement to the national rescue service, not as a concurrent.

The R.S.A.T. team
is made up of: doctors, nurses, fire engineers, hydrogeologists, chemists, salvage managers, salvage personnel, underwater divers, chemical divers, explosives technicians, sharpshooters, rescue personnel for dangerous environments and many others that are all required to be able to function as supervisors in different emergency situations.

The R.S.A.T. team has at their disposal a large vehicle park as well assofisticated special equipment for work in explosive och health hazardous environments, pumping aggressive or explosive liquids, diving in oil, sludge, water, pipes, mines, crevasses and caves. Also for rescue missions in wells, caves' shafts, tunnels, caverns, tall buildings and towers etc. The team also has portable water filters for emergency filtration of water directly at an accident site. They are able to perform environmental damage control, ground water examination and testing, decontamination, risk evaluation etc.

The R.S.A.T. team has special group for emergency shooting missions such as puncturing gas cylinders or hazardous chemical containers, bottles, cisterns, destruction of animals etc. They can also perform emergency demolition missions such as blasting holes in roofs for emergency fire ventilation, blasting holes in ships hulls or connecting rods at traffic accidents etc., forced entries, blasting of ice, log jams, constructions, buildings etc.

The R.S.A,T. team functions as advisors, consultants, investigators or trouble shooters for the above mentioned customers.

The R.S.A,T. team has a liability insurance of 25 million Swedish crowns.

The R.S.A,T. team is cleared for work whithin the total defence system, and have an obligation to observe secrecy.

The R.S.A,T. team is manned by extremely competent and experienced instructors and teachers.

R.S.A.T. Watches!

The R.S.A,T. team has their own safety-, welding-, and fireguards who take part in different operations all over the world. They are sometimes responsible for the total security at certain public events such as motor races on land or on water. They also perform hazardous welding or grinding tasks, check the security and safety in companies, community authories, banks, airports, computer centers etc. or keep an eye on a hazardous loading, transport or unloading tasks.

The R.S.A,T. team also provides personnel for personal protection as well as bodyquards.

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