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Salvage after fire damages
Bostrom's salvages, demolishes, decontaminates, cleans up and documents properties, buildings, installations or constructions, personal property and inventory after fire, soot, smoke, odour and corrosion damage

Salvage of personal property
With fire or water emergencies, personal property as a rule is damaged. For example: clothing, ornaments, bicycles, machines, curtains, carpets, art, bedding and electronic devices etc. Bostrom's has an advanced and personal method of taking care of such items. We do an inventory, pack, transport, wash, iron, repair, repackand return damaged and repaired personal property back home to the customer.

Sanitation of apartments
Buildings, constructions or establishments is being damaged by fire. It is verry importent with a acute damagedevaluation and thereafter adequate remaindervalue and sanitationmeasuers like highpressure- or handwashing of walls, roof, floor, interiour etc.

Water and moisture damages
Often one doesn't realize how important it is to quickly conduct a humidity test, and then record the dehumidifiying process in a professional manner. We have increased our knowledge and resources greatly in this area and perform advanced dehumidifiyingtasks for institutions, public authorities, insurance companies, construction companies, property owners, industries, hospitals and private customers.

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