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Property and salvage service
Bostrom's has contracts for about 75 000 "units" = apartments stores factories etc connected to our property and salvage service in the counties of Uppsala and Vastmanland. Emergency dispatch centers through SOS AB, receive telephone notification or automatic alarms related to trouble or damage from these customers or tenants, property or store owners, industries etc (our contracted customers), as well as single, new customers in need of help. The need for help is recorded and assigned to the so-called "GB emergency service" or the R.S.A.T. (Rescue, Salvage, Advice and Training) action team, both functioning on a day and night basis, all year round. These action teams, take care of the trouble or damage, such as plugged drains or garbage chutes, changing main fuses, taking out laundry that hasf astened in washing machines, picking up people who have fallen out of bed, cleaning blood, urine, excrement etc. from elevators, stairs, basements and so on.They release people trapped in elevators, get rid of wasp's nests, pump out water from flooded areas, cover windows, clean soot, oil, chemicals, drains etc in addition to clearing, cleaning and much more. The "GB emergency service" is also, in accordance with the contracts, the customerís "contact person" with the rescue services and police departments in case of fire or other emergencies and "take over the damage site" when the rescue service declares that the emergency stage is over and that the damaged property can be returned to the responsibility of the owner or their contact person.

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